Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dog Day Afternoon

But this one did not star Al Pacino. No, this Dog Day belonged in the hands of the MSU football and basketball players. Much more so on the gridiron than the hardwood though.

#22 Alabama arrived early yesterday morning to face one of only three teams in the SEC that hasn't been ranked this year, us. This Mississippi State Bulldog team has looked better and better every game this season though, won big games against giant killers Auburn and Kentucky, and was coming off a by week of what I'm sure was colossal walrus sized work outs.

By 11:05 AM, Davis Wade Stadium (pictured above) was at a new school record capacity of 56,188 and nearly one out of three people had a cowbell in hand. There would be no cries for more cowbell this day.

In an immediate disappointment, freshman QB Wesley Carroll threw an interception on his first attempt, not only turning the ball over to the Tide in our territory but quelling Carroll's quest for the NCAA freshman record for most attempts without an INT of which he was just two shy. Our namesake shining through, the Bulldog Defense held Bama to a field goal and got the ball back in our hands.

After two more FG by Bama and only one from State, Alabama fought it's way to inside the MSU 10 yard line where a touchdown seemed imminent. After two battles at the line trying to run the ball into the end zone, a third down call for a throw led to the day's game changing play. Bama's QB is rushed and scrambling, and in his attempt not to be sacked, hurls the ball into the end zone and into the waiting arms of a Bulldog defense-man. With one good block, the ball is returned 100+ yards for a TD and the lead after the extra point. And this was all with less than 20 seconds in the half.

Coming out after halftime, the dawgs were rejuvenated. Allowing only one more field goal from Alabama and tacking on an offensive touchdown, the Bulldogs finished the final drive of the game with a sack that had been brewing all day, to let time expire.

Bama fans sure were proud of their million dollar coach, but our Alabama alumni coach, for the second year in a row, knew what it took to take Saban down.

Go Dawgs!
and not to let our basketball team go unnoticed
Go Dawgs!


Mary said...

It's time to go bowling!

Mallory said...

Sox - World Champs
Dawgs - currently en fuego

Now you boys just need to start writing about an NFL team *cough* Dallas. Put away your dated hatred, RBDS2. Seriously, how can you not like Tony Romo?

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