Friday, June 29, 2007

an interesting perspective

In case you didn't know, the Boston Globe's Red Sox page is a GREAT source of information regarding the team, especially the left side of the page. Tons of good blogs and posts before, during, and way after the game. Anyways, over the past year or so of being a loyal reader, I've gotten to know the editors and beat reporters rather well. The one with my favorite writing style (and humor) is Amalie Benjamin. Her live "game blogs" are very informal, and actually quite funny.

A few days ago, revived an old segment that they did last year, entitled "The Sox I know." It is audio commentary(usually a few minutes) about each Sox player told by certain Boston Globe sports reporters. Last year it was done by Bob Ryan(boo), and this year, you guessed it, it is being done by Miss Benjamin. Check it out here. This week's players are Dice-K and Mike Lowell. It's just kinda cool to hear how the reporters that cover the team describe the they know them.

And in case you didn't know, RBDS2 is in the Land of the Rising Sun for the next month, so it's all me for 30 days. Please try to contain your excitement.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

maybe this should be a regular feature

So I may have judged too early a few posts ago. THIS commercial(from waaay back) is awesome. Glavine and (especially) Maddux are some of the dorkiest guys to ever wear a major league uni, but thankfully they knew how to make fun of themselves.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

sports roundup

No no, don't check your internet connection. It's really me. And this IS a new post. Just calm down. The last few weeks have been kind of crazy, and that has led to very little time for sports bloggin'(other than the occasional video of Terry Tate laying the smack down). Last week the Sox Gal and I attended the Red Sox series in Atlanta. It was glorious(like the Sox-themed caricature?). Sox took 2 out of 3, and we gave them their first back-to-back shutouts by an AL team in a looooong time. Beckett looked awesome. Schilling did not; guess that's why he's on the DL now. We also(and by we, I mean the Sox Gal) got tons of autographs. Can you say "Youuuuuuuuk"?

Anyways, lot's to talk about...

  • The whole Mark Buehrle deal. Apparently this deal was nowhere even close, ever since White Sox GM Kenny Williams wanted more/better prospects than Theo was willing to give(like Jacoby Ellsbury). No problem with me. Buehrle would have been a luxury, not a necessity.
  • I know this is weeks old, but it appears the Yankees watched all of Schilling's near-no-no, and they were cheering against him. Bastards. Just shows you that the players do indeed care about rivalries. Or, they just hate Schilling. Either is plausible.
  • Apparently, Renteria loved playing against the Red Sox, to show them "they were wrong." Yeh, ok Edgar, keep saying that. Granted, the Sox haven't exactly excelled in the shortstop position since Cabrera left after 2004. But dude, you sucked. I'm sorry.
  • Speaking of O-Cab, he tore into the Yankees fanbase a few weeks ago. Haha. Man I loved that guy.
  • Jon Lester hasn't exactly looked like himself the past few starts in Pawtucket, but thankfully there's no huge rush. Kason Gabbard steps in for Schill tonight in about 14 minutes. He got the "W" when the Braves rolled into Beantown last month.
  • Back to the Atlanta trip...boy do casual Sox fans suck. Tons of middle aged men asking for Sox players' autographs, and they don't even know who it is they're getting 'graphs from. Shame.
  • Then you have the 97% of them who only know 3 players on the Sox roster: Papi(they think that's his real name), Manny, and this new Matsuzaka fella. And they scream their names over and over again. Quite annoying.
  • Wimbledon has started. My FAVORITE of the Grand Slams! And seriously, how could you not like a tournament that has "The Championships" in its title? I'm obviously rooting for my leading lady, Miss Sharapova. We all know the men's tournament will be a joke. They should just give the trophy to Federe already.
  • As part of my birthday present last week, my father sent me several books. I'm currently reading Moneyball, by Michael Lewis. Absolutely amazing book.
  • I'm also reading The Physics of Baseball. For an engineer like me, it's paradise: baseball and science. Sweetness.
  • I also got Baseball Prospectus 2007 from my parents. Basically every stat and every record for every team and player in the big leagues. LOVE IT.
  • The Sox Gal came up with this idea a few days ago: She, Trevor, Miss Rookie, and I are gonna take a road trip up to DC in August. Who just happens to be playing in Baltimore at that time? Yup, you guessed it.
  • And finally,'s Page 2 did this cool little write up of the 101 sports events you HAD to see before you die. Most are pretty good, but I'm gonna have to disagree vehemently with #49. They are WAY OFF.
And with that, I'm off to watch the Sox face off against the Mariners. is a wonderful thing.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

more video!

Probably my favorite sports commercial...ever. Even more so than some of the best Sportscenter commercials out there. Anyways, kind of random, I know, but I'm in a video mood. So enjoy! "When it's game time, it's PAIN time, baby! WHOO!" hahaha

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Roger 2057

Ok, this has been a big hit on the last few weeks, so I figured it was its time to come to Sports on the Rox. It's funny, in my opinion, as it's not that far from the truth. You may also think it's kinda creepy in some respects, but then again, so is a professional organization resting their entire playoff hopes with $28 million on a 45-year old past his prime, right?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

And Another Thing

Just a quick update. The third installment of the Pre-season rankings just came out and guess what... MSU is currently ranked 17th. The only other SEC team ranked higher than us is UT right now, but we all know that is bollocks. Actually they are looking pretty formidable but that's okay, I'd rather be ranked lower and climb my way to the town than have a slippery slope to descend. Alabama also makes it into the Top 25 at #24 but they have had health problems plague their best players.

I'm not leaving them out, currently Florida is not in the Top 25 though they received votes. They did make it in the second poll but no longer. Arkansas also has been receiving votes but have yet to break through into the top list.

In outer SEC news, Ohio State also is no longer in the Top 25, dropped out in the third round of polls. UNC is in 1st presently but my (used to be) darkhorse favorite Memphis is right behind them in second.

For the whole list CLICK HERE

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Survey Monkey

Found this cool website that lets you make quick and simple surveys. So I'm trying my hand out at one. Please fill it out, it won't take two minutes.

Click Here to take survey

College Talk

So State did not have too great of a showing in Omaha, but being the only team from the SEC to advance that far I still am proud of my DiamondDogs. But now that baseball is over (in terms of college) for MSU what should we look forward to? Obviously our baseball team will still be balling next season, so that's great. Football season is the closest... but the crown jewel of SEC sports, football is not such at MSU. With Croom in a contract year (I think, I've heard and read about seventeen different things) who knows, we could break out and have a .500+ season maybe. I need something I can be a little more enthusiastic about though. Oh yeah, BASKETBALL!

The Dawgs are shaping up to one hell of a formidable team this year. We were good last year, but had many areas of improvement. Losing nearly all of one class seems like it would hurt us, on paper. In all actuality, losing the Delks and Goodridge, I think, couldn't be better. But that's not the starting point. Let's examine this team a bit.

Jamont Gordon: He scared us a little bit months ago when he decided to join Charles Rhodes in the NBA draft. Smartly, and luckily for us, someone told him he probably wouldn't go first round so he pulled out and is going to play with State "one mo'again." He was good last year, working his way up to great after finally being coached into a real player making double-doubles and a record tying triple-double in the last few weeks of the season last year. And this year he's going to be even better. has him listed as the #1 Point Guard in the Nation in their power listings right now. Yeah, #1... Nation...

Charles Rhodes: Also went into the draft but did not gain his sense nearly as quick as Gordon, however earlier this week Rhodes also pulled out. Meaning he can't even become a free agent (like he would have if he had stayed in). With Varnado and Rhodes down low with JaGo wheeling and dealing we already have a formidable offense and two of the SEC's best defensive players.

Jarvis Varnado: I loved this kid last year. He kicks 7x the amount of ass that Goodridge did with about a thousand less turn overs. I really have no problem seeing Goodridge gone. I'm calling it right now, Varnado to lead the SEC in blocked shots next season. Bookmark this page, I said it first.

Everyone else already with us: We were so great last year because of our bench. We were very deep team. With Ben Hansbrough, Barry Stewart, and the Delks we were set. I see nothing but better seasons from lil'Hans and baby-faced Barry (that kid is nails) but we are losing two good, and I stress the mediocrity of the word good, players with the Delks. Offensively they were okay, draining threes at good moments and they came up with a lot of important defensive plays too. But in reality they were just good. No outstanding numbers. They could be clutch some of the time, and honestly I think the fact that they are twins added to people's appeal. They'll be missed, but not that much.

The Recruits: This is where we rock. Check these two kids out.

Romero Osby: Ranked at #10 in his position (Power Forward) for his recruiting class. A four star recruit made up of 6ft 8in and 230lbs.


Scotty Hopson: Ranked at #8 in his position (Small Forward) for his recruiting class. Also a four star recruit who is 6ft 5in and 185lbs. has some video footage of this kid and he is going to more than pull the Delks weight.

The only down side to these two great prospects right now is they are class of '08 so we may not be seeing them. But I'm a long term kind of guy. With our solid team still together from last year along with more play time for some of our bench guys (please be Stewart, please be Stewart) we are easily going to be a contender again for the SEC Championship and a good bid for the NCAA tourney.

Go Dawgs.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Such was the body of the text message my brother Will sent me mere seconds after Mississippi State's Mich Moreland struck out Clemson's Taylor Harbin to end the Super Regional sweep in front of a record breaking crowd at Dudy Noble Field in Starkville, Mississippi.

So the Dawgs are headed to Omaha after a 9 year hiatus. It's pretty exciting. Especially after we were picked to finish last in the SEC West this year. That's why "predictions" are just that.

No long post today. Just a big CONGRATS to our fellow maroon dirt dawgs, and we wish them the best of luck. We'll be watching every game on ESPN and ESPN2. We can only hope Oral Hershiser will be doing the tv commentary along with Dan Shulman(a voice like butter).


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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

big ups to, not THAT Damon

As funny/true as the video is, I probably say the same silent prayer that the rest of New England is thinking: "Please don't come back to bite us in the ass. Please don't come back to bite us in the ass. Please don't come back to bite us in the ass. "

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

thank you, Mike Lowell

Sometimes we don't realize how the game of baseball affects people and their families. We also tend to overlook how professional baseball players are human being as well.

Peter Gammons, in his latest Insider Blog, talks about how Robinson Cano, after the Red Sox beating last Friday, was upset at Lowell practically elbowing the 2nd baseman in order to break up a possible double play. Cano complained after the game, and many in baseball seemed to reciprocate that view. Many called Lowell a "cheap-shot artist." Lowell was just giving the Yankee middle infield a taste of what A-Rod did to Pedroia weeks back, but that's not the point. Gammons goes on to cite this story from the Boston Herald that showed the REAL Mike Lowell. I've pasted the short article below.

In a family’s darkest hour, Mike Lowell [stats] offered a bit of light.

Courtney Butcher couldn’t have been more excited about the prospect of sitting in Fenway Park [map]’s Green Monster seats for the Red Sox [team stats]’ April 22 game against the Yankees. It was an excitement evidenced in a phone conversation to her father, Jim, two days earlier.

That, however, would be the last time father and daughter would speak.

An hour after Jim’s conversation with Courtney, the 18-year-old was killed in a car crash on a country road in Leicester. Also killed in the accident were teenagers Nathan Plaza, Bryan Rossik and Julianne Caron.

Two nights after the tragedy, Courtney’s favorite player, Lowell, and the rest of the Red Sox played the game the University of New Hampshire freshman was supposed to see. Right on cue, Lowell launched one of the Sox’ four straight home runs near the spot Butcher was supposed to be.

Then, in the seventh inning, Lowell did it again, this time sending his homer even farther. The blast prompted ESPN announcer Jon Miller to say, “That one is headed to New Hampshire!”

The Butchers took notice.

Through a family friend, the Butchers got word to Lowell the following Tuesday regarding what happened. The Red Sox signed one of his game jerseys, writing “Courtney, may God be with you. Rest in peace.”

A day later the shirt was hung near Courtney’s casket during her wake and is encased at the Worcester family’s home as a reminder of their daughter.

But Lowell also added something else that Tuesday night, after personalizing the memento - another home run, this time coming after a momentous prediction.

“They told me he said he would hit a home run that night,” Jim Butcher said. “It was just a tremendous thing he did.”

When asked last night, Lowellindicated it was the least he could do.

“If it can lighten the load for people who are going through tough times, then that’s great,” he said. “You want to make people feel better any way you can in that situation.”

Amazing story, eh? Thank you Mike Lowell for not only being a great example to kids everywhere and great ballplayer, but thank you for being an amazing human being.

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Dual Post

The post is a two-fer, so feel extra special! First off, commenting on Horne's latest post: I love the Yankees this year. Bet you never thought you'd "hear" me say that, but I do. Everything they touch turns to dust.
Ex: Red Sox got an awesome Japanese import so we better do the same... and send a 40+ Million dollar investment to the minors. We should fire our strength and conditioning coach... and send over half our starters to the DL. We should pick up Clemens to easily coast us past the Red Sox... and have him hurt before he makes it to the majors.

They can't do anything right for once and it's hysterical. And that's without looking at some of their prize possessions falling terribly short of expectations. A-rod could not have cooled off faster if he'd been dropped into liquid Oxygen, despite his homer last night. I'm not positive that Abreu is still alive. Cano and Cabrerra have been shells of themselves of yesteryear. And Jeter continues to prove his mediocrity at shortstop. Oh yah, and they are TIED with the DEVIL RAYS. Yes, the team that usually ends up 20 or more games behind in the ALEast is TIED with the Yanks.

It is such a strange feeling to not be constantly trying to catch up. I find myself saying things like, "that sucks we lost. we better shape up less our lead be cut to a single digit." It's great for the moral of the team and all of our players aren't having to press themselves, taking days off when needed and giving much needed field time for utility guys like Pena and Cora (who both have been performing brilliantly). Roger could not scare me less if he were a fluffy pink teddy bear kissing a puppy.

Part Two:
Just to tell everyone, I went to the MS Braves game last night at Trustmark Park. For minors, that place is awesome. There are tons of vendors, modestly priced food and beverages, not a bad seat in the place, and respectable ticket prices. Best of all, if you buy the cheapest tickets ($5 to sit in the outfield grass or picnic tables) and the stadium doesn't fill up you can move to the base line seats with no hassle.

It was a great game by Seattle's farm the DiamondJaxx. That lead changed three or four times coming down to a bottom of the ninth walk off single by the Braves. I really got into the game (hell it's baseball right) but I must say like those Braves that came before them (Saltalamacchia & McCann) the MS team has some great players with fantastic baseball names. I will surely be attending more games this summer and I highly recommend you do as well if you have the opportunity.

Monday, June 4, 2007

worst deal ever?

It appears our old friend Roger Clemens has some groin problems. Hmm, I could have sworn I read that somewhere before. The Yankees pushed his start back after he admitted to having problems with his special area after his 3rd minor league start.

Clemens got an MRI today, and (shocker) it revealed he has scar tissue on his right groin. Even so, Clemens says he's gonna pitch on Saturday at The Stadium against the World Series-bound Pittsburgh Pirates. Even I'm skeptical that he's gonna make that start, but let's say that he does make it. If he does, then that means he will have signed to a major league contract. Right now, he's on a minor league contract, and that pro-rated 28$ million is not his. Only when he signs that contract does he get the money. So, let's assume for a minute he signs the contract and becomes a big leauge player in time for Saturday's game.

As the Fenway Faithul cheered last night: "Where-is-Rog-ah? Clap. Clap. Clap-Clap"

The Yankees will have played 59 games at that point(that will be there 60th game). SO, that means, 103 games will remain in their schedule, or 63.58%. That means Clemens will get about $17,802,400 for the season. If Clemens was perfectly healthy and in 1986 form, he'd start about 20 games. BUT, we all know that if he's hurtin now, he WILL miss a start or two at some point. So, we'll say he starts 18 games at the most during the rest of the season. Given his pro-rated salary, that comes out to $989,000 per start. BUT, we all know that Clemens wont get through the 6th inning during most of these games, so the bullpen will be relied upon to close it out. And we all know from the first two months of the season that the Yanks bullpen sucks ass. So, we'll put Roger's win total to about 10, and that's being VERY generous, considering he wont get many decisions. SO, that puts Roger's salary at $1,780,240 per WIN.

If Roger somehow got biomechanical arms and surgically attached Papelbon's adamantium shoulder, then started 10 straight games, and he won all ten of those games, AND the Red Sox lost 10 games in a row, the Yankees would STILL be 2.5 games behind the Sox. You realize how funny that is when you consider that the Sox haven't lost 3 in a row all season.

Yup, this Clemens looks like a sound investment, Yanks.

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