Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Bulldogs Ride to March

I have been absent on here for far too long, especially considering the (relatively) amazing football season MSU experienced and our very aggressive run at the SEC West title in basketball. That being said and excuses aside, I'm back baby!

The Bulldogs have thrown together a great year of basketball. Aside from our loss last week at Oxford, I have not been (too) displeased with our on court showing. At Arkansas is always tough for us, but we made that one up and the UT game could've gone either way there at the end and our poor freshman made a freshman mistake.

We face Auburn today, then an extremely tough road schedule (Florida & Vandy) before finishing up the season at home against LSU. Speaking of Vandy, did anyone watch that game last night ? Pretty incredible. In true basketball fashion for a big game, the Commodores' fans decided to all wear the same color to the stadium. Which is it going to be, black or gold ? Oh, I know! How about WHITE. That way on television it is a stadium full of white shirts with the expected visiting UT crowd wearing orange. That's a stadium full of UT colors... aren't Vandy students suppose to be smart? Poor choice. However, they did come out the gates blaring and barely gave Tennessee time to catch up before pulling away for the win. That is going to be a tough game for us.

Yes, March brings March Madness. My second favorite time of the sports year (if you don't know what's my first, stop reading this, go stand in front of the mirror, and punch your teeth out). If we can win at least two more games we should be making an appearance at the NCAA tourney. No more NIT crap, please. Stansbury has become state's winningest basketball coach this season so I hope we can reward him with a trip to the big show.


Mallory said...
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Mallory said...

Considering the fact that I pointed out how dumb the Vandy white-out was, I don't find it entirely appropriate for you to be dissing the 'Dores (who did just defeat the #1 team in the nation, by the way). Besides, I can see the Vundergrads misinterpreting a "black-out" ...
February 27, 2008 5:04 PM

Christina said...

Successful post season play... what's that like?

mary said...

Go Dawgs!

On a side note, this douchebag informed me that baseball isn't a sport!

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