Thursday, March 6, 2008

quick hits

  • Brett Favre "officially" retired today. It will be extremely weird not to see #4 behind Center at Lambeau in sub-freezing weather. I do not believe Aaron Rodgers is the QB of the future for the Packers; rather, I think it will be the young draft pick that arrives a few years from now in Green Bay.
  • I've learned to look at my team more subjectively than anything else in Spring Training. For example, I have no idea how J. D. Drew has been performing down in Fort Myers the past few weeks, and I don't care. What do I care about? He's walking around the clubhouse these days, joking with Papi, Lowell, and Youkilis. He's talking to reporters, giving them insight and stories. He's smiling. He appears excited to be there. Also, and probably as a rationale for everything last year, Drew's newborn baby is no longer in intensive care and undergoing surgery, which is great. All of these signs lead me to this bold prediction: J.D. Drew has a kickass bounceback year in 2008(.300/.450/.425).
  • Speaking of subjective Spring Training notes, I was kinda irked by Papelbon's public comments the other day about his contract status. I feel that until a player's first arbitration hearing(or the contract agreed to that covers arbitration), he shouldn't wine, speak, or voice any of his feelings about his contract or what he's worth. You are under the team's control during this time, so just deal with it. But thankfully, the Sox and Paps agreed to a 1-year deal today worth around $775,000 with incentives. This takes him through one year of aribitration, and I think it's a great deal for Paps, considering he's only a year removed from shoulder injury. The Sox will lock him up long-term in the next few years.
  • Every game in college basketball should have SOME form of video cameras there to document the action for the public, either later via the internet or at primetime Sportscenter. Case in point: I will never see the hilights of the Dawgs' heartbreaker at Vanderbilt last night. Yeh, I probably don't want to relive what I heard on the radio, but I just want to see how close Shan Foster was from his OWN three-point line when he drained those last 7 3's. Ridiculous.
  • Believe it or not, my parents have not been to one MSU baseball game during the entire 14-year era of Horne children on this campus. I went many years ago, but I haven't been to a game since I've been in school here. So to remedy the problem, my parents are coming up for a weekend series in April against none other than those pesky Vanderbil Commodores.
Currently Drinking: Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan...I love coming home.


Mallory said...

(1) They did have cameras at the game; I saw highlights this morning (weird angles though).
(2) He drained those last 9 3's actually.
(3) He was double covered, 5-feet from the line, and still draining them - has to be the best single performance I will ever witness.

Mary said...

1) I saw a clip from the devil rays and yankees game the other day. The yankees are so gay. I was glad to see them in another fight.
2) SEC tournament is currently in progress. Go Dawgs!

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