Monday, April 2, 2007

2007 Red Sox Opening Day Blog

09:14:09 Mornin. It’s early. Drank way too much last night in anticipation of today. Trying to clean up the place in preparation for the big game. -H

09:18:58 Just got up despite having an 8:00am class. Henry saying “drank way too much” could not be more accurate. Jalepenos, BudLight, and Pina Coladas do not mix well. Got to suck it up for more beer and brats today. -T

09:48:07 Just went to get my apt. and mailbox keys replaced. It was a long weekend, don’t ask. Got our newest edition of ESPN Magazine. The one with Ryan Howard on the front (great guy) and in the corner where it talks about what else is in the magazine it says “& the Lovable A-Rod.” He is the only guy in all of the MLB that would have something like that. -T

My game prediction

A-Rod H:1 AB: 4 E: 2 R: 0 RBI: 0

10:37:54 Went to the store with Horne, got the brats and beer. Just got my secret recipe brewing some ribs in the oven and about to watch two hours of pregame such and such before the Yankees take the field versus the NY & Boston killers Tampa Bay. Go Rays! -T

10:54:19 Just finished paying bills. The total for this month’s rent had 33 cents tacked on. Coincidence? –H

11:29:12 Steve Phillips is calling the Reds game today, meaning he won’t be in KC for the Sox game. Thank God. –H

11:31:13 It’s really looking like Bonds is gonna break The record this year. It’s really only a matter of when, it seems. -H

11:35:47 Horne and I are talking about putting a prediction countdown to when the two of us think Bonds will break it. Should be on the site as soon as we get the internet running in our apt. again. –T

12:05:11 First up, Yankees-Devil Rays. Opening Day is here! Scott Kazmir…that kid is good. I’m off to class, so I’ll catch the end of this one. –H

12:09:50 Just to reiterate… It’s OPENING FREAKING DAY -T

12:17:33 A-Rod misses routine pop foul but manages to make a very ballerina-esque jump. He is given an E for his pathetic efforts. 1st Inning Error ! -T

12:21:55 Just in from the stat room: At this pace, A-Rod is projected to make 162 errors this season. –H

12:30:40 A-Rod K’s. And with that, I’m out. I’m handing the baton to Trevor for the next 1.5 hours. Godspeed. –H

12:44:24 Jeter makes a bad throw to first in top of 2nd. Credited with the E. –T

12:58:48 So Henry introduced me to his new book “Baseball Between the Numbers” and I was reading the chapter discussing whether or not Jeter deserved his gold gloves. As I’m reading the line about new fans thinking Jeter’s first name was “Pastadiving” because the phrase “Past a diving Jeter” was uttered so often during broadcasts, a relatively routine ground ball toward second bounced past a diving Jeter allowing the Devil Rays to score a run. –T

1:01:58 By the way, the article surmised that Jeter in no way deserved his gold glove since in 2004 he attained, for the first time in ten years, only an average fielding performance. –T

1:11:52 A-Rod grounds out. Keeping track that’s 0-2 with 1 E. –T

1:18:33 McCann for the Braves hits first homer of the season a few minutes ago. Just thought I’d mention it. –T

1:36:43 Elijah Dukes (TB) joins the elite club of having his first ML hit be a homer. –T

1:40:46 Yankees third Error. Phelps cuts off a throw to home plate allowing a run to try and throw out Crawford heading to second but instead throws to the left of Jeter and it sails into the outfield. Tie game at 3-3. –T

1:51:49 A-Rod flies out. 0-3 w/ 1 E. –T

2:01:13 Just hits me. I’m juggling THREE baseball games on tv. The season has started. The Red Sox are about to be on and the game will count for something. Papi’s slugging and Paps saving here we come baby! -T

2:36:55 Annnnnd I’m back. As to be expected, I was completely worthless in class. Yanks are winning. Damn. T-minus 32 minutes until Sox baseball! –H

2:41:42 Miss Rookie just arrived! Very exciting that this is her first regular season game as a part of Sox Nation. –H

2:53:24 The whole crew surprises us, we are now 6 strong for the Sox game. Baseball bringing people together for over a hundred years. –T

3:25:18 Game is under way. Unfortunately, we have Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. Jon is OK, but Joe is unbearable. I’m calling it right now: at some point in this broadcast Joe will mention his playing time on the Reds and how they were the best ever. Papi drives in the first RBI of the Sox season. That puts him on pace for 3,392,321 RBIs. Awesome.

3:49:01 Welcome to your first Opening Day, Pedroia. We call those singles. You can’t turn one into a double. Unless of course your first name begins with D- and ends with –aveRoberts.

4:09:07 Pulled the ribs off the grill and they were falling off the bone. Delicious. Just call me The Grill Master. Now come on Sox and get some slugging going on. –T

4:33:29 This hurts -T

4:58:24 It’s like we have never seen a curveball before. That is ALL that Meche is throwing. Argh. The great thing with this team/lineup is that you know there is ALWAYS a chance. -H

5:00:50 Annnnd welcome to America, Okajima. First pitch: JACK to right-center. –H

5:27:14 Okay, so maybe we wont score 900+ runs this year. It’s OK though, cuz Meche’s outing today will be THE highlight of KC’s year. Watch. -H

5:33:07 Thank you for swinging, Julio. Got Pedroia and Lugo on base…OBP Machine(aka Youk) is up…then it’s Papi, then Manny. We got something brewing, folks. -H

5:41:12 Papi strikes out with two on and two out in the top of the 8 with the Sox down by 5. Definitely not the norm. It’s OK; he’ll be eating those situations for breakfast throughout the season. -H

5:53:06 Travel Channel? India? What the HELL are you talking about, Jon Miller? -H

6:00:30 Top of the 9th. My rally cap is officially on. -H

6:02:29 Wily Mo fans. I swear, if that boy ever begins to make consistent contact with the ball, we’re gonna see 600 ft. home runs. -H

6:04:20 Mike Lowell gets his 1st of what is sure to be many, many, many doubles. -H

6:06:31 Bleh. What a crappy game. I would have been happy had we played well, but honestly, we didn’t. We got Beckett on the hill for Wednesday, and I’m pumped. He had a great spring, and I’m ready to see him in year two of his AL tenure. You can be sure that the Sox bats will not be as quiet the next go around.


Mallory said...

I'm so glad that Henry's Christmas present can be shared by one and all. I'm just doing my part to keep the RBDS on top of the sports world.

Christina Lexa said...

My favorite part of this blog?

1:18:33 McCann for the Braves hits first homer of the season a few minutes ago. Just thought I’d mention it. –T

Thank you, Trevor, although I've never met you. McCann and Francouer are my boys this year. Chipper will always have a special place in my heart, but he's past his prime. I'm calling the young'uns to lead the Braves back to NL East prominence.

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