Wednesday, April 4, 2007

thank you Jon Kerry...sort of

It seems that the Baseball Gods prevailed after all. About a month ago, MLB and DirecTV agreed to a seven-year agreement worth $700 million that would have given the satellite giant exclusive rights to MLB Extra Innings. Extra Innings is the tv package that allows you to watch all of your out-of-market games, which is perfect for someone who lives very far away from their baseball teams.

That contract agreed upon in March was basically Major League Baseball giving all its fans the bird. No one with cable packages(TimeWarner, etc.) would be able to pick up the E.I. package, and they'd be without a way to watch their favorite team during the season.

It seems however, that the smarter heads have prevailed. John Kerry(a Sox fan, btw) urged the FCC to look into this contract immediately after it was announced, and countless other higher-ups objected to this ludacris deal as well. After enough debate, baseball decided to keep the package on all cable systems throughout the U.S., beginning immediately.

This is AWESOME news. I'll be in Tennessee this summer for an internship, and I was seriously thinking about buying the Extra Innings package until I found out about the DirecTV deal weeks ago. I was crushed. But now, all seems well. I can't think of anything better than seeing my Sox play almost every night. Awesome.

Currently Drinking: lots and lots of water. I came down with something yesterday. Not fun.

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Joshua said...

Just another way Democrats are saving the country.

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