Friday, April 20, 2007

Japanese Rookie Saves the Day

Nope, not Matsuzaka. Hideki Okajima comes in for the ninth to pitch to the meat of the Yankee lineup. Jeter, Abreu, & A-rod. And he gets the save.

I don't have the patience to sit at my computer right now and type out the game to you. I'm sure Horne will have a detailed post later or at least a link to a good one. Sure A-rod had a good game (2 HR) and Schilling had some ER against him, but down 6-2 in the 8th doesn't mean jack with this team. I'm going to have to toot my own horn a little bit. I called the mess out of this game. Varitek had a great game with 3RBI and a HR which I didn't call but at dinner I said that Crisp was going to come out of his hitting slump (that's been almost a year since his broken finger) and sure enough he hit the gap just when he needed too. Also Cora is easily the best unsung utility hero. Comes in for Pedroia and gets the hit we need and makes two key plays in the 9th.

I love this feud. Every game feels like post season play. It's only the first of 18 games versus the Yanks and we were standing, pacing, screaming, and cussing for three and a half solid hours. We didn't have to bring Paps in (he has pitched two straight nights), Okajima proved he has good stuff (retiring A-rod for the first time tonight), and my favorite moment being Rivera blowing the save. I am not scared of "the best closer of all-time" anymore. Actually haven't been in, oh I don't know, about three years (2004 if you can't do the math). I'll let Horne fill you in on all the details. Make sure to watch the highlights. Late inning heroics at its best tonight. Dammit I wish the game got picked up tomorrow.

Go Sox!

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Mallory said...

I know you guys have finals coming up, but I'm going to need a post-Yanks sweep post. I mean to see Boston at the top of the AL East and New York at the bottom is rare, and I'm loving every bit of it.

The RedBullDawgSox said...

AMEN to that!!! Actually, during our painful 4 hour long study session this evening we got to talking about the blog. Expect some stuff soon, Thursday at the latest!!

Those pesky Devil Rays ;)


Marty said...

I haven't tried the honey porter, but damn is any Sam Adams a good beer! I'll be relaxing with some after these finals dude...

Mallory said...

Carrie bought the honey porter this past weekend. It was by far the worst beer I have ever had. I'm not a porter fan to begin with.

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