Sunday, July 15, 2007

i hate this guy

I hate Scott Boras. He's a spineless, gutless agent that always costs teams more than they should pay for a player. As you know, he was the major reason the Matsuzaka negotiations took so long to finish. The Sox had the advantage of paying the posting fee to Dice-K, so ONLY they were able to talk to him; Boras was unable to use Free Agency bidding as his leverage.

Boras clients are always advised by him to test the free agent market when their contracts are up, causing teams to overbid against the market for the player they want.

So that's the main reason I hate this guy(and most other GMs in the business). But now, Boras is trying to mangle in the on-field happenings of his agents. More specifically, Daisuke Matsuzaka. Apparently, Boras is upset with the pitch counts of the $100 million dollar man, and he made his thoughts public.

But this is why I love our manager. His response to Boras' statement(that was asked by a reporter this morning):

"You know what, I've got a lot of respect for Scott, I really do. [But] he can run the pitching when he lets me run the contracts, how's that? Is that a fair tradeoff?"

That's right, Boras. Fuck off. Let the manager do the managing. Let the the pitching coach handle the pitchers.

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