Tuesday, July 10, 2007

maybe I'm in the minority

...but I absolutely love how the All-Star game decides home-field advantage in the World Series. Although it's not usually the norm, I highly disagree with Eric Wilbur on this issue.

I mean, I guess it really depends who your team is or for whom you are playing. Yeah, I'm rather certain Gil Meche of the Royals or Michael Young of the Rangers couldn't care less as to whether the Red Sox played 4 games at home during the Fall Classic. Likewise, I'm certain a player like Freddy Sanchez of the Pirates is indifferent as to whether his NL representative in the Series has the field advantage. Those guys just don't care.

But take a look at the starters for the AL. All of them are on serious contenders for the pennant. And the pitchers? All but Bobby Jenks and Gil Meche are currently on teams vying for a playoff berth. My point is clear. Sure, there will be a few on the All-Star squads that couldn't give a shit about home field advantage in the World Series, but they will be GREATLY outnumbered by those that do, which puts some meaning into an otherwise meaningless game.

Yes, I know. It's supposed to be an exhibition. But in all honesty, I didn't care AT ALL about the Midsummer Classic until 2003, when the rule to decide homefield in late October was put in place(granted, it was created from the debacle known as the 2002 All-Star Game, but that's another issue that's been talked about quite enough). Hell, I didn't even have a team in the summer of 2003 before August, yet I still watched the two leagues duke it out because it MEANT something. It was compelling. There WOULD be ramifications. Sure, the Yanks lost that year because they ran into a 23-year old name Josh Beckett, but still. Because the Marlins had to win it IN Yankee Stadium made it that more appealing.

The fact of the matter is that I watch the game now with more scrutiny than ever. Sure, the whole nation gets to see players like Okajima on the national stage, but if you're anywhere close to a baseball fan(and watch ESPN or FOX once every 2 months), you should know who he is. The game is fun to watch because it's an awesome collection of talent, but it's also fun because you KNOW your team(if they're in contention) wants to win the game. Luckily for me, my team has sent 6 of their best to ensure this happens.

Top 78 Reasons to Watch the 78th All-Star Game(from Page 2 on ESPN.com). It's hilarious.

Here's to hoping that Michael Young repeats his performance last year and knocks in the winning run. Com'on American League!

Oh, and since tomorrow is the day after the All-Star Game(read: NOTHING in professional sports is happening), I'll post my midseason report card of the Sox.

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