Friday, September 7, 2007

My NFL Predictions

I am by no means the biggest NFL fan. When you don't have a team in state (granted N.O. isn't that far away) it is just hard to really adopt a team when they play such few games (what is it now like 7 games a year?). But it is football and I love to watch it none the less, unless there is a more interesting *read "any" college game on. I'm actually heading to New Orleans tomorrow for the MSU v Tulane game, which hopefully will at least be a good game, unlike the likes we can look forward to against Auburn and West Virginia. Either way, Gardner Webb: Bring It On.

Enough bull, here are MY NFL PREDICTIONS

  1. Announcers make too many mentions of how the Saints have revitalized New Orleans since Katrina
  2. Only 22 Pro athletes get arrested for violent crimes this season
  3. Everyone still doesn't know that the Cardinals are also a football team (and just barely a baseball one)
  4. Romo cries, again
  5. Though sentencing isn't until Dec. no one shuts up about Vick
  6. Nearly all of the college drafted players will be disappointments, most notably Quinn
  7. Seriously, Reggi Bush rushes for 100+ yrd in more than 5 games
  8. The Super Bowl will include two of these teams, Colts, Bears, Cowboys, Pats, or Saints (it isn't going to be that exciting, all the good teams last year are the good teams this year)
  9. Favre surpasses Marino in many records making him "the best QB of all time", but Peyton will set pace to eclipse Favre's records if Brett ever does retire
  10. And finally, Eli will learn to count to ten without using his fingers

And there you have it, my 2007 NFL predictions.

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Mary said...

I dunno about the saints making it to the super bowl. Everybody has high hopes for them, but they still need some improvement.

Wandles said...

Hey I read this stuff, how crazy is that.

Reggie said...

I gotta go with the over on the 22 athletes arrested stat. Vick's gonna overshadow them all, but 30's the bare minimum here.

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