Monday, September 24, 2007

alot going on, little to talk about

It was, as usual for this time of year, a pretty busy weekend in the world of sports. However, I really did not watch as much as I would normally and for good reason. It was Bulldog Bash weekend in Starkville. That is always our second home game of the season where we have live entertainment (though usually not that great, and this year was no exception) but any excuse is a good excuse to go to the old cotton district, eat a lot of food, kick back a few, and walk around bumping into people and not remembering girls' names. We got kind of a late start that night because baseball was on. And it turned out great, Sox won and the Yanks lost. It's just about as good a night can get right? Anyway that brought the magic number to clinch the division down to 7 (it is down to 6 presently) and then we hit the town.

Saturday, we headed over to a friend's place where his little brother (currently in culinary school) decided he would cook all day. We didn't stop him. After watching Ole Miss lose to Florida and bits of other college games, we headed to our own night game versus Gardner Webb University.

Yes, Gardner Webb. Power House of the Atlantic Sun Conference, and sometimes the Big South Conference. How are they in both, one can only guess. Not to be too cocky though, it wouldn't be the first time a small school had an upset (a la Michigan) but considering it would not be that big of an upset, we did not fret too much.

In good fashion, our dawgs decided to show up and play. Henig is out with his broke "fill in the blank" so we have freshman barely out of cap and gown throwing the ball. Compared to Henig, they look okay (better footwork, slightly better arm, same bad pass decisions) but where we decided to shine this game other than on defense was our run. Sure in true bulldog form we would try a run right up the center tailend and get all of 1.3 yards. But when we would option outside or anything we would carry a good 5 yard minimum. This goes back to years ago when we would throw to the tight end maybe twice a game and get 12 or 13 yards everytime. Why not do what works more often? Either way, with defense in great form as usual (except for a couple of drives) we squeaked it out of the Runnin' Bulldogs.

Did I forget to mention that? It was the MSU Bulldogs vs the Gardner Webb Runnin' Bulldogs

How great is that? I won't harp too long, but it is very nice to have 3 wins in our first 4 games. Granted our schedule becomes invinitely more difficult from here on than our last three games. Even UAB for our homecoming is a bit daunting. But hey, for first year our suspension I think we are looking very promising, especially considering the age of our not broken QBs.

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Anonymous said...

you spelled infinitely wrong. doesn't this thing have spell check.

might be in starkville a week from friday. we'll see.


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