Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tulane's Green Puddle

A week after being torn a new one by the LSU Tigers, my Bulldogs took a trip down to New Orleans to take on in-state neighbor Tulane. So the competition isn't quite the same, but seeing as how Tulane came to MSU last year and beat us it was still an important game.

Take note, the game was held in the Superdome and other than this sentence there will be no mention of hurricane Katrina.

Man does New Orleans stink. Literally. It's actually quite odd. I do not think there is another city in the country that you can walk down the street and within four seconds go from saying how the street smells like urine to following your nose to some of the best smelling food in the world. Then immediately back to smelling fecal matter and beer induced vomit. No matter, I love New Orleans.

I was surprised with the fan base that showed up for the game. MSU usually has a pretty good showing in LA, but I would say about 70% of the attendance was clad in maroon and white. Glad we can still rally behind a football team that just got it's tenth win over the past four years.

Our offense had improved from last week. Henig still looked a little poor with his footwork and definitely made some bad pass choices but still it was not a seven interception game. Our run looked much better, particularly the blocking for the run. Defense was more or less stellar with one TD off an INT. However, after our first two TDs our defense let Tulane score the equalizer on the very next possession.

I'm glad we won, the team needed it badly going into next week's game at Auburn (ouch). If Tulane had shown up more though, I do not believe we would be celebrating the win. We owe the Green Wave as much appreciation for only playing up to the level of a moderately deep puddle for our win as we do to our dogs.

But here's to New Orleans for always knowing how to show college students a good time.

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Mary said...

Maybe Henig would be better if they'd let him wear his grill on the field.

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