Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a tale of two Steves

I guess this is a program note more than a blog post, but if you have any interest in the sport of baseball, I highly suggest tuning in to the late edition(post 9:00pm CT) of Baseball Tonight. The host is now Steve Berthiaume, who is probably my all-time favorite Sportscenter anchor. Steve left ESPN a year ago to do some work with the New York Mets television network, but has since returned to Bristol. He does Sportscenter every now and then, but his main job has been the late edition of Baseball Tonight.

Steve is fun to watch/listen because he uses pop culture references all the time in his highlights. In addition to his classic catch-phrases from Sportscenter("Kick save and a beauty...kick save..........anabeaut-y!", "We're playing Name that Molina, and for those of you scoring at home, the answer we were looking for is Yadier. Yadier", "He's open.....for thrae", etc.), he mixes it up with some very clever wording and descriptions. So yeh, if you're ever sitting in front of your tv around 11 pm or so, tune it to ESPN and check out Steve Berthiaume. He's hilarious(and informative).

Now for the Steve I hate. It's none other than Steve "just believe the opposite" Phillips. He is quite possibly one the biggest idiots in the history of baseball. Seriously, whatever he says on tv, just go with the opposite. You really can't go wrong. I distincly remember his saying that Dice-K would not settle on a contract with the Red Sox, he'd then return to Japan and go to the Yankees the next year, and the Sox would have to push for Roger Clemens. Yeh, good going there, Steve-o. He may have been a good GM(he DID draft David Wright and Jose Reyes while with the Mets), but his "insight" into the game of baseball is just retarded. So be warned; if you tune into Baseball Tonight, you may get the good Steve(Berthiaume), but you may also get the bad Steve(Phillips) to go along.

Sorry for no pictures of these guys. Hardly any on the internet.

Currently Drinking: nothing, but I am seriously eyeballing the newest batch of Newcastle my father has made. Still weeks away :(

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The RedBullDawgSox said...

Steve Phillips: "I'm not that in tune with the game today, I'm definitely not very funny, and I can't back up anything I say with a for instance from when I was playing, but I was a GM (for like three whole years)."

Steve Berthiaume: "I'm one of the best guys on SportsCenter, I can't believe I ever left here, and why is Phillips in my seat I told him to get me my coffee 15 minutes ago."

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