Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Top 10 Tuesday returns!!

Again, keeping with new tradition, here it is, the list of My Top 10 Sports Sounds

#10 a college football tackle

Sure, the NFL players are bigger and probably stronger, but you can’t say that they go after every play with as much emotion as a college football player. When they hit, they’re doing it for the pride of their school and the pride of themselves, and you can tell by the replays, especially when they are mic’d up. The sound of 250+ lbs. hitting another poor soul on the college gridiron is like a well composed orchestra for the ears….except with more broken bones and casts.

#9 Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV

The Anthem gives me chills no matter when I hear and who sings it, but this version is just breathtaking, to say the least. Considering that the Gulf War was at its peak and thousands of American soldiers were overseas instead of at home with friends watching the big game, the song took on an added meaning and purpose. And I don't care what you say about Whitney's personal life, but that woman can SING. If you have never heard this Whitney's performance of the Anthem, then please, I beg you: do your ears a favor.

#8 CBS SEC football opening theme

This is the sound I look forward to hearing most come fall(except of course the sound of a Red Sox Championship Parade through Boston, but I digress). When you hear it, you know you are about to watch an uber-physical matchup between SEC teams on a Saturday afternoon. It gets you kinda pumped up about it, too. (Click the title to hear it)

#7 a perfect NHL pass

NHL games are fun as hell to go see, but part of what makes it great is the sounds. The sounds of bodies thrown against the boards, the sounds of skates hitting a fresh sheet of ice, and the sounds of a puck hitting the stick right on the tape. Not really sure why, but this sound has always appealed to me. You hear it, and you immediately know the pass was dead on, and if you hear several of them in succession, you know that someone is in prime position to score or either moving the puck extremely well in the offensive zone. Pretty cool that you can tell all that just from listening to passes, eh?

#6 cowbells at an MSU football game

Sure, we’re not the best in the conference, but damn do we love our Dawgs when they’re on the field. Bring in a visiting team like Florida, and the cowbells are found in all corners of Davis-Wade. Yeh, they’re illegal to bring in, but even some of the gate-workers allow them in sometimes, knowing deep down they like the sound of a thousand cowbells rung simultaneously as the road team is going for 3rd and long.

#5 FOX MLB opening theme

The theme is awesome in the regular season, but when they play it before a postseason game(especially a postseason game featuring the Sox), it’s absolutely impossible not to get pumped up. (Click the title to hear it)

#4 a batter hitting the meat of the bat on the ball

Few things are sweeter than the sound of a David Ortiz jack or Manny Ramirez bomb as it’s leaving the batter’s box at blistering speeds. That initial CRACK of the bat lets you know by sound alone that the ball is going somewhere….far, and that it was hit……hard.

#3 Sweet Caroline at Fenway

I’ve been lucky enough to see 3 games at Fenway so far in my life. They won 2 out of those 3 games, and I can honestly say that hearing the crowd sing along Sweet Caroline in the middle of the 8th inning in both of those games was aural euphoria. The smartest fans in baseball know when things are going right, and they let it be known by screaming(sometimes accompanied by belching) the lyrics to Neil Diamond’s song at the top of their lungs.

#2 MSU basketball crowd just before tip-off/after victory at the Hump

I will agree wholeheartedly with Trevor in saying that there really is no other place like the Hump on gameday. And there’s nothing like hearing the 2000+ student section singing the Hey Song all by itself long after the band has stopped playing it. When you watch the Dawgs on tv next year en route to their Final Four berth, turn the volume up a notch right before tip-off, and you will hear school spirit at its finest.

And when the game’s over and we’ve won, well it gets even better as the students once again take the reigns from the MSU band and continue singing Na Na Hey Hey through the final buzzard and until the teams depart the court.

#1 MSU basketball player introductions accompanied by the Bulls warmup theme

I’ll say it right now. It doesn’t get any better than this. Although they’ve since changed the player introduction theme to some Metallica shit, we all keep hoping they will once again return to the song we to which we grew accustomed during our first few years of college. The lights go down, the spotlight turns on, and the track begins rolling. One by one, the starting 5 Dawgs are introduced, and the crowd goes absolutely apeshit. It’s a combination of music, crowd, and personal yelling that make this the best sound in all of sports.

Comments, suggestions, ideas of your own favorite sports sounds?! Something I left out?? Leave us a comment!!

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Shiloh said...

At baseball games, I love hearing the next batter announced because the announcer tends to lengthen every syllable in the player's last name...
Call me a band dork or what have you, I love the sound of bands playing at games...hearing fight songs and the band playing from the stands is awesome to me...
Whitney Houston singing is amazing, i never would have thought of that one. Great pick!

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