Wednesday, May 16, 2007

top 10 tuesday

I figured I might try to start a new thing on here. So I thought a Top 10 list would do the trick. Maybe it will be a weekly thing, who knows. So without further adu, I present my Top 10 Sports Days/Events of the Year:

#10 Wimbledon

I could have easily put any of the other Grand Slam tennis events on here, but this is THE premier tournament. Hell, it even has the subtitle "The Championships," so you know it's a big deal. It's during the summer, so it's hard to miss, which is probably why it's the one I watch the most.

#9 Super Bowl

I've never had an NFL team, nor do I think I ever will. But man, I can't help but get caught up in the hype with this game every year. Come game time, I know every side story, every injury, and every player's college. It's fun as hell. And hey, sweet commercials always help.

#8 Avalanche/Red Wings

This would be much higher had all(or most of) the networks not dropped their NHL broadcasting contracts after the strike. It's hard to catch an NHL game now if you don't have the Vs. network or NHL Center Ice. These games used to be every other night on tv when it wasn't baseball. But still, when this matchup happens to be on the NBC Game of the Week or on at someone else's house, I have to watch. The rivalry may not be as fierce as before, but it's still played with tons of itensity and fanfare. I love it.

#7 Stanley Cup Playoffs/Finals

The Stanley Cup Playoffs is the best postseason tournament out there in terms of absolute difficulty. Four rounds, each a best-of-seven. Wow. And best of all, no more shoot-outs. You play overtime until someone scores. You wanna talk about intense, then you want to talk about a triple-OT Game 7 of a Conference Championship between two bitter rivals. It's really hard to beat that.

#6 All-Star Game/HR Derby

The All-Star break gives me a chance to actually take a breather from non-stop score checking, stat tabulating, and game watching that I am doing the first 3 months of the season. I don't care what your opinion is, but you have to admit that the All-Star game is f'in fun as hell to watch now that World Series home-field is on the line. Ok, yeh, if you're a Royals fan, then you probably wont care, but you get my point. The HR Derby is just great, old-school fun. Seriously, it's who can hit the ball the farthest. How awesome is that?

#5 March Madness

Only closely behind the BCS, the March tournament just makes it impossible not get caught up in it. Brackets, pools, and potentially major bragging rights for years to come, this is the best excuse to get into collegiate sports. Seeding doesn't automatically determine success, but the danger of a Cinderella upset is always present, and that adds to the drama, if at all possible.

#4 Bowl Championship Series

By far the best collegiate event in my opinion. The BCS bowls are always fun, but when it comes down to the final two teams from a pool of 350+, it's pretty intense. Like the Super Bowl, you know everything about this game before the first kickoff.

#3 Red Sox vs. Yankees

I doubt that I really need to explain this one. Granted, I wasn't a Sox fan while the Yanks racked up 4 rings in 5 years, but I know that I hate the way they run their organization, I can't stand some of their players, and I am damn tired of their winning the division every year. So is it far fetched to think I anticipate these regular season games more than any others?

#2 October

Yup, that beautiful month when the leaves have already begun to change. It's also when the push towards the World Series begins, and if my team is in it, then the excitement increases exponentially. Each game and at-bat is do-or-die, and there is absolutely NOTHING like a Game 7 in October. Trust me, I've watched a few of them as they happened(and some via ESPN Classic).

#1 Opening Day

My absolute FAVORITE sports time of the year. Everyone gets a clean slate, and everyone starts out tied for the division lead. Hope is in the air, and you have your eyes set on that championship trophy. If you won the title the previous October, then you get your rings today, so that's always a plus. The smack talking is at one of its highest peaks, and you begin to realize what you'll have to do to smack back. You've watched your team play through spring training. You've seen their strengths, and you've seen their weaknesses, but you just want to see how they pan out when games count. It's with this momentum that the season begins, and it just gets more and more enjoyable each year.

So there you go. Agree with me? Disagree? Have your own choices for favorite sports events of the year? Let us know by leaving a comment!!

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Shiloh said...

Awesome choices, I would rearrange some of them for myself...but I always look forward to watching the drafts every year. It's fun and you get to predict how the new guys will do...stuff like that...

The RedBullDawgSox said...

GREAT addition, Shiloh. I have to admit, I enjoy the NFL draft hype as well. For the first time, ESPN will televise the MLB Draft this year, so I am DEFINITELY looking forward to watching that as well.


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