Wednesday, October 3, 2007

There's only one Wednesday, there's only one OCTOBER

This might be the greatest piece of apparel ever created. I would sell a kidney to see a true yanks fan with one of these one at any point in the post season. I thought the yanks not making it to the post season would be the best thing ever but no, I was wrong; this is way better.

Updates have been shy I know. The two of us have been super busy with school and while that is no excuse, I'm using it anyway. We've made time to watch some football and of course never miss a sox game, but after that hiatus we don't have the time to sit down and write about it because we have to make up for the time spent watching. It's very confusing.

Quick football news, Mississippi State looked decent against South Carolina. I think our defense looked the worst it has all year, but I was starting like our community college transfer Riddle. So what happens? He tears his ACL, Henig starts practice this week, and we're faced to choose between Michael "I don't know which players our mine" Henig or a true red shirt freshman who has 4.2 seconds of playing time in the SEC. Personally, I'll go with Carroll. Our only two loses coming from a top 20 and top 5 team don't disappoint me too badly, but Riddle being our does. Honestly, I'm just praying that UAB doesn't upset us.

Baseball; It starts today. The last 160+ days have all been warm up and weed out. This post season is shaping up to be one of the best in a long long time.
  • Red Sox win the division with the best lead in baseball with a very possible Cy Young winner in Beckett and even more than likely Rookie of the Year with Pedroia.
  • The cast of teams is one of the best mixes in recent memory. Teams that haven't made it in years are all in.
  • The Rookies winning 14 of 15 to force a play off game versus the Padres which was one of the most incredibly odd baseball games ever. A home run not called so and the walk off score not touching the bag all. Not too mention the all time leading saver Trevor Hoffman giving up the game.
  • It is possible, though I'm not saying it will happen, to have a Red Sox / Cubs World Series. Holy Bejeezus
  • D-Backs in it for the first time since the Unit and Schiller devastated the Yankess
  • Phillies winning the division in the last regular season game, destroying the Mets after 159 games in the lead.
  • While the AL MVP is probably locked up with Arod, the NL race is a tight one and should prove to make that league worth watching even before the WS

I could go on and on but I'll stop there. Make sure to leave comments with why you think this post season is one for the record books


Mary said...

I'm extremely lucky that this is my first post season to witness. I didn't have to go through years of disappointment. I'm ready for tonight except for the fact that I'm going to miss the first half of the Sox game.

Do you really think Arod is going to get the MVP? I think Lowell might still be in the race.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this post season has a mixture of teams. We got post season veterans like Yankees and the Sox and we got the Rockies who are definitely newbies. A Red Sox?Cubs match up would be a sight for sore eyes but the chances, I hate to say, are slim. I am looking forward to seeing how these games pan out.
By the way, the hat is b-e-a-utiful.

james said...

I am so proud of your coaching abilities. without the two of you, the sox would be nothing.

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