Thursday, March 22, 2007

Addendum to Sports Lane

Great idea I must agree, but I'm going to add a little practicality to it. Everyone that works in a grocery-esque shop would either have to be given a copy of a book of questions to ask or learn all the knowledge of all possible teams... this is much too large an undertaking. Also, there needs to be some sort of proof that there is indeed a game coming on, otherwise people would exploit the system. So here is my proposed addendum.

Instead of having to wear regalia of a team, or know certain facts AND instead of having the employees look this information up or be aware of what games are being played when, the system should utilize a "fastpass" type program. Like at Disney World or those new swipe and pay debit card systems. For instance, you go online to ""* and fill out information pertaining to yourself and which teams you want to incorporate for your sports lane usage. Say you can only have 3 teams that constitute you using the lanes. You enter all this in and pay a nominal fee and in a few days your sports pass arrives in the mail. Now when you go to the store or entering a freeway you can just swipe your card. A network keeps up with all games being played on each day and will verify if one of your teams is doing so. This eliminates you having to have apparel on (though I agree with Horne you should anyway) but mainly it would be to expedite the process and reduce human interaction. This is suppose to be fast right? People checking you out at Kroger are hardly ever speedy, so I don't want my arrival to watch a game reliant on how quickly they can look up the Red Sox schedule and ask me a question.

The whole concept I think is great though. If only we ruled the world.

Currently in the COBI computer lab and thus not drinking...

*not a website for this system, just a for instance

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Aaron said...

Or people could prepare before they're on their way to a sports event. Don't worry about that.

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