Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Hump is beautiful at 7am

Check me out over there, I'm all dressed up. That's because you should look nice when you are Division Champs!

That's right, my MSU Bulldogs crushed Alabama in a 91-67 blowout today. With the win we tie with rival University of Mississippi for the top spot in the Western Division of the SEC. Our divisional record of 7-3 bests Ole Miss's and grants us the #1 spot for the SEC tourney. If you didn't watch the game then you missed one of the most dominating defensive performances of the season by any team.

Ben Hansbrough wins my personal MVP of the game award with 13 points and a truckload of defensive hustle. Where ever there was a loose ball or a rebound up for grabs, Ben was there. Every player on the team showed up to play with fantastic performances including all out effort by my man Dietric Slater putting up 10 points in his last home effort and Jarvis Varnado having a personal best 10 points and 8 rebounds.

With only losing Slater after the season, we are one basketball team to watch for in the next three years. You can bet on it. We've been receiving a lot of flak lately for being in the top spot for our division with only a .500 record. This is something that everyone in the SEC and the West especially has been preaching for years. Standings have a strength of schedule rating but they don't have a strength of conference rating. Every year without fail in any sport in the SEC an unranked team will beat a ranked team which more often than not includes a top 10 ranked team. So yes, 8-8 is not all that impressive but how many teams in the SEC this year beat Florida (previously ranked #1) or came extremely close like our down to the buzzer loss to the Gators. Half of the teams in the West had positively looking seasons but could not sweep the conference which is no surprise. Take Bama for instance who was ranked decently high earlier in the season along with Vandy later, both teams of which we had 13 and 24 point wins over.

Point in case despite the means, the end equals us with a No. 1 seed going into the SEC tournament. If we do moderately well to winning the thing, we can easily have a bid for the NCAA tournament. 1996 anyone?

Go Dogs!


Henry said...
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The RedBullDawgSox said...

Psycho-B was BALLIN' today! Delk #1, Delk #2, J-Go, Rhodes(possibly), Hands, and on and year = OMG.

-Henry(RBDS 1)

Mallory said...

" many teams in the SEC this year beat Florida...?" - VANDY

I'm ready to see a MSU / VU matchup outside of The Hump.

And I know you guys give no regard to any female sports, but the Vandy girls just took the SEC tournament title. Can you say co-ed SEC 'ships?

Mary said...

No matter what our outcome in the tournament is, I'm extremely proud of the team. They have all improved a great deal this year, and will be even better next year. Plus, I think we have a chance at doing awesome in the tournament.

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