Wednesday, March 7, 2007

And this is why I hate the Yankees

I hate them. They are worse than the Black Plague or any of the Biblical ones. They are the Bronx Bombers, they are the New York Yankees, they are a bunch of punks.

For as long as I can remember, before I came to love the Red Sox, back when I was this close to being a bandwagon Braves fan... I hated the Yankees. It's not a dislike or disdain for them. It is a pure cold hatred, on par with the Dallas Cowboys over the early 90s. And here is just one of the many reasons:

Former NY Yankee, Gary Sheffield made statements on Monday that MLB's only walking dead player Alex Rodriguez will have his best year yet in New York. First off, Gary previously shot his mouth off at the Yankee management about how poor of a job they have been doing over the past few years. I reserve no respect for a player that can not come out and say what problems need to be addressed in their own club and has to wait until he is half a continent away before he points his finger and makes excuses for his performance at his previous ballpark. Then to turn around just a few days later and say that A-rod is going to have his best year ever after having his worst post-season makes about as much sense as saying Pippen is going to come back and lead his team to four straight NBA titles.

The funny thing is why Sheffield thinks Alex is going to have a great season. Earlier this year A-rod made statements to the press that his relationship with Yankee short-stop Derek Jeter has deteriorated over the past six years. If you haven't read that article, I highly recommend it for all the incredibly homo-erotic content. Click here to check it out.

Sheffield claims that since A-rod has finally admitted that him and Jeter are no longer having dinner dates multiple times a week and staying over at each other's houses as often as they once did that he will play better. I am sure that the reason A-rod went 1-14 in the post season last year (that's a remarkable .071 avg.) was simply because every time he went to the plate he was frustrated as to why Jeter stood him up at Original Stan's Pizza last night. Yeah Right! Alex played horrible all year and it stood out in Sept. and Oct. The guy is over-rated, over paid, a cheat, and a whinny little punk.

Ahhh... The good old days

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