Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The One that Started it All

Over a month and a half ago, I posted a blog on myspace that really got the ball rolling for Horne and I to start Sports...on the Rox. In a very Bill Simmons-esque way I'd like to share that article again on here for everyone that did not get to read it on the first go round.

Monday , February 19, 2007
" Where were you when...

It is a question that every generation has a different question to.
Where were you when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor ?
Where were you when Kennedy was shot ?
Where were you when the WTC was attacked ?
Where were you when Roberts stole second ?

It is a question that has defined a new and old generation of Red Sox fans. It is the first question a true fan asks someone that they are not too sure about a newcomers faith. Everyone that watched the now most famous series ever that is a real Sox fan or was then and there born a Sox fan knows the gravity of the question and usually is answering it before it's asked. I, for one, was sitting in my tiny apt. room watching the game, drinking a Sam Adam's (because that's a rule), and it happened. I woke up my roommates on a number of occasions after the steal but that was by far the most emphatic of my increasingly girly exclamations. My old self died and I was reborn a blue and red Yankee Hater. Years later I will be asked this question in a Houston area Buffalo Wild Wings by a man I just met and by answering it honestly I was immediately inducted into his circle of trust; which would come in handy months later.*

The point of this isn't to dwell on the past, though of a sweet moment in sports history it will forever be, but to talk about the future. Spring training is getting underway and there is no place better on earth right now than Ft. Meyers, FL. The Red Sox are shaping up to be one hell of a formidable team this year. We have super-star, MSU grad. fireballer Papelbon assuming a place in the starting rotation**, the million dollar rice thrower Dice-K, the single greatest veteran any team of any sport could hope to have, and the last of the knuckleballers all pitching not too mention back from the dead Lestor, and the "if I find my groove" ace Beckett. We have new legs in the infield and outfield, and all the best bats returning to the plate. And the only captain you want hitting your archenemy square in the face. It is indeed a good year to be a Boston fan.

In God and Theo We Trust. Go Sox!"

*I know that the first paragraph can be found in the all time world's worst worded articles collection. What I wanted to convey did not translate well.

**Yah, I was wrong. Not my fault though. Until last week it was still understood that Paps would indeed be starting. Now they are saying his shoulder is made of something similar to Wolverine's adamantium. So he'll be closing the door again and damn is he looking impressive so far this spring. Good thing too, our would be closer Hansen had a go at the Reds yesterday and to put it mildly, it was ugly... real ugly.

Most of the article still relates though. I could not be more stoked about the season with the way our team is shaking down. I like the move we've made in the last two years from offensive powerhouse to defensive juggernaut. New pick ups besides ones on the mound look solid too. Lugo impresses me every time I watch him, while Drew is healthy can easily be one of the best outfielders in the game today (knock on wood). Pedroia will get his first real chance to step up this year and the three games I've seen him in so far, this kid can hit for base or yard. Then the likes of Manny of Ortiz will still be showering the upper levels, nothing even needs to be said about that tandem. As much as I absolutely adore Schilling and Wakefield, it is very exciting to see Theo's dream of a young, farmed team with potential all-stars coming into being rather than dropping too many dollars on guys who can't hack at it like they use to. And that plan also allows for the big dollars when you need them (cough cough Matsuzaka). What can you say about that guy. No one knows what this kid throws, or even how many different pitches he has. Last week the Pirates' batters that faced him, and were subsequently sat down after Ks, went to a laptop computer to watch their at-bats just to try and figure out whether that was a breaking ball or a moving fastball. That's awesome. I hope I don't have anything due next Tues. because I surely won't be doing any work whatsoever.

Currently Drinking: Coca-Cola Zero. It's 10:24AM, give me a break.

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The RedBullDawgSox said...

I love this post. Where was I?

I was at home at the Ranch. My parents were asleep, the dogs laid to bed. When Roberts stole, I yelled like Peter Parker when he first learned how to swing from building to building.

It's honestly one the closest throw-downs to 2nd I have ever seen. Even in instant replay, I have to do a double take. But you can tell...oh you can tell.

Just found a place online that has a print of "The Steal" in 16x20. Thinking about getting it. We'd have to put it above the hallway a la "Play Like A Champion Today".

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