Thursday, March 1, 2007

tickets, please

Today, for the 4th straight year, the Sox Gal and I successfully got our hands(well, we will in 3-4 business days) on tickets to see our beloved Old Towne Team play. They're coming down to Atlanta to visit Andruw, Chipper, and Bobby at Turner Field on June 18, 19, and 20.

Over the years we have actually gotten a really good system down. We both log onto the ticket site right before they go on sale. When the hour is at hand, I go to work on Game #1 of the series; simultaneously, she starts on Game #3. Normally we'd use separate cards, but due to minor problems, we had to use my card today. After we both make our first purchase, I move on to Game #2. We ended up with field level seats(along the 3rd base or 1st base lines) for all 3 games(dugout seats are usually sold out), with our seats on rows 12, 26, and 26. SWEET!

In related news, the Sox have begun their Spring Training games. Yes I know, it's quite early, but it's always great to see your team coming together. Yesterday Schill was VERY sharp, throwing 15 of his 19 pitches for strikes. Today the team split squads to play the Twins and Northeastern University, with most of the regulars staying to play the Huskies. Beckett allowed a single to his first batter(hey, at least it wasn't a HR), then mowed down 5 of the next 6 he faced via the K. Beckett obviously didn't feel sorry for his opponents. Observers say he worked his breaking pitches ALOT, which bodes well after season in which he threw the heat over 70% of the time.

And you all know what happens tomorow...Dice-K gets the ball against some lowly collegiates. God bless those kids...

The Matsuzaka Era for the Sox begins tomorrow


The RedBullDawgSox said...

(roar of a packed Fenway)

The RedBullDawgSox said...

no joke! MAN, I would love to go to a Fenway game this year. Will has psuedo-season tickets this year(a friend of his is out of town for a year), so he has plenty of tix to choose from. If I can work it into my work schedule, I might head up to Boston for a weekend series. If you got the dough and wont be in Japan, we'll see if the Sox Gal will want to go to...

-Henry(RBDS 1)

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