Sunday, June 10, 2007


Such was the body of the text message my brother Will sent me mere seconds after Mississippi State's Mich Moreland struck out Clemson's Taylor Harbin to end the Super Regional sweep in front of a record breaking crowd at Dudy Noble Field in Starkville, Mississippi.

So the Dawgs are headed to Omaha after a 9 year hiatus. It's pretty exciting. Especially after we were picked to finish last in the SEC West this year. That's why "predictions" are just that.

No long post today. Just a big CONGRATS to our fellow maroon dirt dawgs, and we wish them the best of luck. We'll be watching every game on ESPN and ESPN2. We can only hope Oral Hershiser will be doing the tv commentary along with Dan Shulman(a voice like butter).


Currently Drinking: the rest of the Coors Light Josh left over here after Game 1


Richard said...

....and you call yourself a tennis fan! No words of wisdom from the youthful Hornster about the French Final?..... hmmm..... Is baseball the only sport in the US? ..... I mean, I understood your lack of interest in the NHL season once your AV's were elimintaed.... ooops... sorry... didn't even make it to the playoffs,,, but so much sport to talk about regardless!

Becks... called back to England.... coming to US or not now? Wimbledon coming soon.... possible re-match? Tour-de-France on the fringe, what about Landis' verdict? NBA finals.... blah blah..

Lets see some Sports love for god's sake, not just baseball dribble....


mary said...

To comment on the comment: The NBA sucks! nobody cares about them.

To comment on the post: it was a hell of a lot of fun rubbing the win into every single clemson fan that I work with. Which is just about everybody at work.

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