Tuesday, June 26, 2007

sports roundup

No no, don't check your internet connection. It's really me. And this IS a new post. Just calm down. The last few weeks have been kind of crazy, and that has led to very little time for sports bloggin'(other than the occasional video of Terry Tate laying the smack down). Last week the Sox Gal and I attended the Red Sox series in Atlanta. It was glorious(like the Sox-themed caricature?). Sox took 2 out of 3, and we gave them their first back-to-back shutouts by an AL team in a looooong time. Beckett looked awesome. Schilling did not; guess that's why he's on the DL now. We also(and by we, I mean the Sox Gal) got tons of autographs. Can you say "Youuuuuuuuk"?

Anyways, lot's to talk about...

  • The whole Mark Buehrle deal. Apparently this deal was nowhere even close, ever since White Sox GM Kenny Williams wanted more/better prospects than Theo was willing to give(like Jacoby Ellsbury). No problem with me. Buehrle would have been a luxury, not a necessity.
  • I know this is weeks old, but it appears the Yankees watched all of Schilling's near-no-no, and they were cheering against him. Bastards. Just shows you that the players do indeed care about rivalries. Or, they just hate Schilling. Either is plausible.
  • Apparently, Renteria loved playing against the Red Sox, to show them "they were wrong." Yeh, ok Edgar, keep saying that. Granted, the Sox haven't exactly excelled in the shortstop position since Cabrera left after 2004. But dude, you sucked. I'm sorry.
  • Speaking of O-Cab, he tore into the Yankees fanbase a few weeks ago. Haha. Man I loved that guy.
  • Jon Lester hasn't exactly looked like himself the past few starts in Pawtucket, but thankfully there's no huge rush. Kason Gabbard steps in for Schill tonight in about 14 minutes. He got the "W" when the Braves rolled into Beantown last month.
  • Back to the Atlanta trip...boy do casual Sox fans suck. Tons of middle aged men asking for Sox players' autographs, and they don't even know who it is they're getting 'graphs from. Shame.
  • Then you have the 97% of them who only know 3 players on the Sox roster: Papi(they think that's his real name), Manny, and this new Matsuzaka fella. And they scream their names over and over again. Quite annoying.
  • Wimbledon has started. My FAVORITE of the Grand Slams! And seriously, how could you not like a tournament that has "The Championships" in its title? I'm obviously rooting for my leading lady, Miss Sharapova. We all know the men's tournament will be a joke. They should just give the trophy to Federe already.
  • As part of my birthday present last week, my father sent me several books. I'm currently reading Moneyball, by Michael Lewis. Absolutely amazing book.
  • I'm also reading The Physics of Baseball. For an engineer like me, it's paradise: baseball and science. Sweetness.
  • I also got Baseball Prospectus 2007 from my parents. Basically every stat and every record for every team and player in the big leagues. LOVE IT.
  • The Sox Gal came up with this idea a few days ago: She, Trevor, Miss Rookie, and I are gonna take a road trip up to DC in August. Who just happens to be playing in Baltimore at that time? Yup, you guessed it.
  • And finally, ESPN.com's Page 2 did this cool little write up of the 101 sports events you HAD to see before you die. Most are pretty good, but I'm gonna have to disagree vehemently with #49. They are WAY OFF.
And with that, I'm off to watch the Sox face off against the Mariners. MLB.tv is a wonderful thing.

Currrently drinking: Coors Light (in a bottle. they're just fun to open)

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