Wednesday, June 20, 2007

College Talk

So State did not have too great of a showing in Omaha, but being the only team from the SEC to advance that far I still am proud of my DiamondDogs. But now that baseball is over (in terms of college) for MSU what should we look forward to? Obviously our baseball team will still be balling next season, so that's great. Football season is the closest... but the crown jewel of SEC sports, football is not such at MSU. With Croom in a contract year (I think, I've heard and read about seventeen different things) who knows, we could break out and have a .500+ season maybe. I need something I can be a little more enthusiastic about though. Oh yeah, BASKETBALL!

The Dawgs are shaping up to one hell of a formidable team this year. We were good last year, but had many areas of improvement. Losing nearly all of one class seems like it would hurt us, on paper. In all actuality, losing the Delks and Goodridge, I think, couldn't be better. But that's not the starting point. Let's examine this team a bit.

Jamont Gordon: He scared us a little bit months ago when he decided to join Charles Rhodes in the NBA draft. Smartly, and luckily for us, someone told him he probably wouldn't go first round so he pulled out and is going to play with State "one mo'again." He was good last year, working his way up to great after finally being coached into a real player making double-doubles and a record tying triple-double in the last few weeks of the season last year. And this year he's going to be even better. has him listed as the #1 Point Guard in the Nation in their power listings right now. Yeah, #1... Nation...

Charles Rhodes: Also went into the draft but did not gain his sense nearly as quick as Gordon, however earlier this week Rhodes also pulled out. Meaning he can't even become a free agent (like he would have if he had stayed in). With Varnado and Rhodes down low with JaGo wheeling and dealing we already have a formidable offense and two of the SEC's best defensive players.

Jarvis Varnado: I loved this kid last year. He kicks 7x the amount of ass that Goodridge did with about a thousand less turn overs. I really have no problem seeing Goodridge gone. I'm calling it right now, Varnado to lead the SEC in blocked shots next season. Bookmark this page, I said it first.

Everyone else already with us: We were so great last year because of our bench. We were very deep team. With Ben Hansbrough, Barry Stewart, and the Delks we were set. I see nothing but better seasons from lil'Hans and baby-faced Barry (that kid is nails) but we are losing two good, and I stress the mediocrity of the word good, players with the Delks. Offensively they were okay, draining threes at good moments and they came up with a lot of important defensive plays too. But in reality they were just good. No outstanding numbers. They could be clutch some of the time, and honestly I think the fact that they are twins added to people's appeal. They'll be missed, but not that much.

The Recruits: This is where we rock. Check these two kids out.

Romero Osby: Ranked at #10 in his position (Power Forward) for his recruiting class. A four star recruit made up of 6ft 8in and 230lbs.


Scotty Hopson: Ranked at #8 in his position (Small Forward) for his recruiting class. Also a four star recruit who is 6ft 5in and 185lbs. has some video footage of this kid and he is going to more than pull the Delks weight.

The only down side to these two great prospects right now is they are class of '08 so we may not be seeing them. But I'm a long term kind of guy. With our solid team still together from last year along with more play time for some of our bench guys (please be Stewart, please be Stewart) we are easily going to be a contender again for the SEC Championship and a good bid for the NCAA tourney.

Go Dawgs.

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Mary said...

I'm ashamed to say that I had my doubts about Varnado at the beginning of this past season. However, he has impressed me with his constant improvements. He has been living in the shadow of Rhodes, but I think he'll shine this season.

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