Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dual Post

The post is a two-fer, so feel extra special! First off, commenting on Horne's latest post: I love the Yankees this year. Bet you never thought you'd "hear" me say that, but I do. Everything they touch turns to dust.
Ex: Red Sox got an awesome Japanese import so we better do the same... and send a 40+ Million dollar investment to the minors. We should fire our strength and conditioning coach... and send over half our starters to the DL. We should pick up Clemens to easily coast us past the Red Sox... and have him hurt before he makes it to the majors.

They can't do anything right for once and it's hysterical. And that's without looking at some of their prize possessions falling terribly short of expectations. A-rod could not have cooled off faster if he'd been dropped into liquid Oxygen, despite his homer last night. I'm not positive that Abreu is still alive. Cano and Cabrerra have been shells of themselves of yesteryear. And Jeter continues to prove his mediocrity at shortstop. Oh yah, and they are TIED with the DEVIL RAYS. Yes, the team that usually ends up 20 or more games behind in the ALEast is TIED with the Yanks.

It is such a strange feeling to not be constantly trying to catch up. I find myself saying things like, "that sucks we lost. we better shape up less our lead be cut to a single digit." It's great for the moral of the team and all of our players aren't having to press themselves, taking days off when needed and giving much needed field time for utility guys like Pena and Cora (who both have been performing brilliantly). Roger could not scare me less if he were a fluffy pink teddy bear kissing a puppy.

Part Two:
Just to tell everyone, I went to the MS Braves game last night at Trustmark Park. For minors, that place is awesome. There are tons of vendors, modestly priced food and beverages, not a bad seat in the place, and respectable ticket prices. Best of all, if you buy the cheapest tickets ($5 to sit in the outfield grass or picnic tables) and the stadium doesn't fill up you can move to the base line seats with no hassle.

It was a great game by Seattle's farm the DiamondJaxx. That lead changed three or four times coming down to a bottom of the ninth walk off single by the Braves. I really got into the game (hell it's baseball right) but I must say like those Braves that came before them (Saltalamacchia & McCann) the MS team has some great players with fantastic baseball names. I will surely be attending more games this summer and I highly recommend you do as well if you have the opportunity.

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Shiloh said...

ahem...you didn't happen to mention that you went with your awesome new friend Shiloh and all the while, making it an even better game! lol...just kidding. I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

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