Monday, June 4, 2007

worst deal ever?

It appears our old friend Roger Clemens has some groin problems. Hmm, I could have sworn I read that somewhere before. The Yankees pushed his start back after he admitted to having problems with his special area after his 3rd minor league start.

Clemens got an MRI today, and (shocker) it revealed he has scar tissue on his right groin. Even so, Clemens says he's gonna pitch on Saturday at The Stadium against the World Series-bound Pittsburgh Pirates. Even I'm skeptical that he's gonna make that start, but let's say that he does make it. If he does, then that means he will have signed to a major league contract. Right now, he's on a minor league contract, and that pro-rated 28$ million is not his. Only when he signs that contract does he get the money. So, let's assume for a minute he signs the contract and becomes a big leauge player in time for Saturday's game.

As the Fenway Faithul cheered last night: "Where-is-Rog-ah? Clap. Clap. Clap-Clap"

The Yankees will have played 59 games at that point(that will be there 60th game). SO, that means, 103 games will remain in their schedule, or 63.58%. That means Clemens will get about $17,802,400 for the season. If Clemens was perfectly healthy and in 1986 form, he'd start about 20 games. BUT, we all know that if he's hurtin now, he WILL miss a start or two at some point. So, we'll say he starts 18 games at the most during the rest of the season. Given his pro-rated salary, that comes out to $989,000 per start. BUT, we all know that Clemens wont get through the 6th inning during most of these games, so the bullpen will be relied upon to close it out. And we all know from the first two months of the season that the Yanks bullpen sucks ass. So, we'll put Roger's win total to about 10, and that's being VERY generous, considering he wont get many decisions. SO, that puts Roger's salary at $1,780,240 per WIN.

If Roger somehow got biomechanical arms and surgically attached Papelbon's adamantium shoulder, then started 10 straight games, and he won all ten of those games, AND the Red Sox lost 10 games in a row, the Yankees would STILL be 2.5 games behind the Sox. You realize how funny that is when you consider that the Sox haven't lost 3 in a row all season.

Yup, this Clemens looks like a sound investment, Yanks.

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