Thursday, October 18, 2007

ALCS Game 5 live blog

  • I am now a profound supporter of replay support for Major League Baseball. Manny hits a two run home run in the 3rd inning and its ruled A SINGLE!? -T
  • Beckett comes after the bottom of the 3rd striking out two of three -T
  • The ground rules for Jacobs field may say that hitting the yellow line is a homer, but seriously, all umpires present actually saw that little piece of material fly up? Yeh. Right. -H
  • Okay, so maybe it hit the wall. Seems like different ground rules in different parks is something the commentators would do well to acknowledge. -T
  • ...especially Tim "Fountain of all Baseball Knowledge" McCarver -H
  • 10 GIDP in this series. That's pathetic. -T
  • Beckett is settled. 40 pitches thru 4 -T
  • For those of us in Mississippi tonight: local news, for the love of Allah, make the "Storm Weather Watch Forecast Team Radar Tracker 5" ticker about 20 font sizes smaller. -H
  • And we've been watching Severe Weather News instead of the game for a whole inning. Well we've been watching Gameday on Horne's computer, going to try and Slingbox the game directly from Boston -T
  • Had to watch our baseloaded out via Gameday. Trevor not happy. Titan angry! - T
  • I love Beckett. Besides the actual one (Paps), Beck's is a bulldog and you better take him serious -T
  • How many times are we going to have a missed play due to a glancing blow off the webbing? -T
  • Here's a shoutout to my bro Will. Because of the numerous and timely Weather updates, we've got the computer out and watching my brother's Slingbox via the tv. You can't stop us, evil weather Gods!!! - H
  • Beckett. Damn. -T
  • YOUK! -T
  • Do Grady's ladies like seeing his face in the dirt and no baseball in his glove, cus I do -T
  • Sizemore does not = Crisp/Ellsbury -H
  • Single most inconsistent ump. Ever. Of all-time. In the history of the world. -T
  • 10 Ks -T
  • 20-to-1 odds we see Papelbon this game. I'm just sayin. -H
  • Perez "Hilton" throws the ball to right field instead of the short stop. E1 -T
  • Lugo makes a perfect 3rd baseline bunt to advance the runners, and makes the single. Based Juiced -T
  • Perez going back to bench "jail" Get it? Like Paris Hilton? -T
  • PASSBALL. No DoublePlay. 5-1 (I think that's the first time we've actually said the score) -T
  • 2 walks. Papi to bat with bases load...
  • sac fly 7-1 -T
  • If Beckett doesn't come back in the 9th, he has 11 Ks and was still hitting 96mph after 100 pitches -T
  • Paps is lights out. 2 Wins Away.

I know it's not the most precise live blog ever, but hey we didn't have all night to just write, we had a game to watch.

Go Sox

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