Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ALDS Review

First up to bat, Red Sox and Angels. These two teams were pretty well matched in the regular season so a post season league division series should have proven to be quite the contested match up. However, this was not to be. Granted the other guys did not look as impressive as Beckett did in his 4 hit, complete game, shut out. Dice and Schill both brought their stuff and went deep in the game, both picking up the win. Actually Curt became the oldest pitcher in post season history to earn himself the W.
The second game seemed like it might was possibly going to maybe become kind of a close game, but then Manny being Manny hit his first ever post season walk off home run. A ball that soared a good 60 ft above the monster and continued to rocket over the freeway and possibly into the next state.
The third game with Weaver pitching for the Angels had some back story to it. Earlier in the year when Papi sent one sailing into right field, Weaver and his golden locks got all tied up in knots because, as he claims, Ortiz watched his homerun for too long before beginning his stroll around the bases. Next time he was to face Papi (G3) he would not forget that. Weaver made good on his promise to sitting down Ortiz, at his first at bat. Second at bat however, Papi again let loose his arm cannon (with broken knee attachment) and sent Weaver's pitch past Pesky's pole. I don't know if he stared at this one too long or not because following Ortiz, Manny showed Weaver the same respect and sent a ball past the fence and into the stands. And that was as close as the Angels came to winning a game. They are now 0 - 10 I believe, correct me if I am wrong, in post season games against the Red Sox.

The Yankees put up a good fight for game 3 of the their contest and took the series to 2-1 Indians. But the tribe would not be denied. After winning a game when their starting pitcher (Clemens) only lasted three innings, the Yanks pulled Wang after only 2+ innings and garnishing Moose's first ever relief appearance. In a true Moose's career slide performance, the Indians took it to the bottom of the ninth with a 8-5 lead. The Yankees, as they always do, tried to make some last of the game heroics with Abreu belting on into the third deck and bringing the Yanks within two.
Flashback, after game two Steinbrenner said that if Torre lost this series it very well could be his last. That coupled with A-rod's option to opt out and the likely hood that Posada, Rivera, Petite, and others would not be returning if Torre gets axed made for an important game aside from play off contention.
Back to the game, the last three outs by the Yanks were at the bats of Jeter, Posada, and A-rod. How does that sit with the Yankee fans. Apparently not too badly since the following day I see a girl in a Yankee Universe tshirt. I going to go ahead and say they day after you are eliminated from the play offs isn't the best day to flaunt your allegiance to what is now more than ever a dead dynasty.

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