Thursday, October 4, 2007

He is, dare I say, "En Fuego!"

or do you prefer "Atsui Desune!" ? Okay, fine. Have it your way. Beckett was hot, like on fire hot. Just look at this screen capture of a recorded conversation between Mike Lowell (3B) and Josh Beckett (P) at last night's game one against the AL East division winning LA Angels
Lowell: "Dude, you curve ball is crazy awesome. How are you pulling the string that hard?"
Beckett: "What? Did you say something Mike? I can't hear you because my hands are on fire."
Lowell: "Oh Crap! No more high fives for you."

Seriously. These two are hands down the stars of the BoSox this year. Mike Lowell with his 120+ RBI season (most ever by a Red Sox 3B) and Beckett as the only 20 winner in the Majors. Both added to their glory last night in Beckett's full game, shut out, 4 hitter (with 8 K and 0 BB). Lowell tacked on another ribby to pad the Sox lead to 4-0. Beckett retired 19 straight after the Angels first hit, and Lowell was featured in the Top Ten plays for a defensive snag and throw out at first.

I think our seemingly near brush with division defeat at the hands of the Yanks was just a perfectly orchestrated maneuver to get all our boys back to health. Youk went yard at his first at bat, followed later by Ortiz smoking a two run shot around Pesky's. Ortiz and Manny both got on the bags all night. CoCo had a patented stretched out catch to continue Beckett's sit down numbers. The Sox looked untouchable last night.

The Angels looked like this deer at the hands of Beckett. Dead.

Quick recap of the other two games. Rockies fought off the Phills to take the series to Colorado with a 1-0 lead and the Cubs fell to the adder's bite as the D-backs gain the upper hand.

I love postseason. Except that it is on TBS, but that's a topic for another post. As for now, go Indians!

Last Night's Drink: Smithwick's. Found it at a gas station, go figure.

*To help our reader discern which of us writes which posts I am going to put my signature at the end of my posts

-M. Trevor Acy

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Mary said...

What does the M stand for again?

Last night sucked for me, but not for the sox. It should be a rule that nothing else in the world can be happening if there's baseball on tv. A bit drastic, but that's how I felt last night.

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